Electric Pallet Truck TPL30

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The TPL30 series of electric pallet trucks are available in standard version and with ATEX version for explosive environments as an option.

Guide with central rudder

The TPL30 electric pallet truck has a guide with a central rudder. The control head with ergonomic shape is equipped with a speed selector for manoeuvres with vertical rudder.

Quick battery change

The TPL30 series electric pallet trucks are equipped with a quick reach of battery that can be changed easily.

  • Including Battery (Lead/Acid Battery 24V 270Ah/5h)
  • Battery Charger Optional (50A Battery Charger suggested)
  • Speed selector for manoeuvres with vertical rudder.
  • Loading capacity of┬á3000 kg
  • Suitable for use in┬áCold Store -30┬░C (Optional)
  • Operator`s Platform (Optional)
  • Battery charge indicator and fork lock.
  • Fork Dimensions 165x50x1150 mm
  • LCD hour counter.
  • Polyurethane wheels.
  • Double front rollers (Optional)
  • AC Electronic System 24V 250A.
  • Excitation translation motor in series 24V 1200W complete with electromagnetic brake.
  • 24V 800W Hydraulic power unit with up/down solenoid valve.
  • Ex ATEX (optional)
  • Quick battery change.
  • Ask for additional tools such as Coil transporter etc…
  • For Li-Ion battery option please ask for quotation
  • Ask for custom fork dimensions…


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