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OP20 is the order picker that comes from the growing need to pick up goods directly from the shelf by the operator on board with 3 different option of weight and height limit. (Model OP20/40), (Model OP20/50) and (Model OP20/60)

Guide with central rudder
The order picker OP20 has a drive with central tiller and pedestrian controlled
The tiller head with ergonomic shape has a speed selector for maneuvers.

Flash lamp and beeper
The order picker OP20 is equipped with flash lamp and a beeper.

Technical specifications

  • Including Battery (Lead/Acid Battery 24V 315Ah/5h)
  • Battery Charger Optional (50A Battery Charger suggested)
  • Operator have the control of the lifting and descending only inside the platform.
  • Loading and Height capacity:
  • 300 kg up to 6 metre platform lifting height (Model OP20/60)
  • 400 kg up to 5 metre┬áplatform lifting height (Model OP20/50)
  • 500 kg up to 4 metre┬áplatform lifting height┬á(Model OP20/40)
  • Duplex Mast┬á(Model OP20/40)┬áand Triplex Mast┬á(Model OP20/50) and┬á(Model OP20/60)
  • AC Drive
  • Suitable for use in┬áCold Store -30┬░C. (Optional)
  • Additional Front Shelf (Optional)
  • Flash light
  • Beeper
  • Heavy duty solution for pick up goods from shelves in public shops
  • Disabled traction with operator in the cabin
  • Central tiller, pedestrian controlled.
  • Electronic controller 24V 250A
  • Lateral doors with parallelogram opening system.
  • Front of the operator cabin closed.
  • Protection roof for the operator.
  • Safety Kit
  • For Li-Ion battery option, please ask for Quotation
  • Internal control panel with: lift/descending buttons + emergency button + selector platform/truck.


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